Lupus, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Scleroderma and Polymyositis

I am a 41 year old mother with lupus, mixed connective tissue disease, scleroderma and polymyositis. I was diagnosed in September 2008 with the lupus and MCTD. In December 2008 we added the scleroderma diagnosis, and in July 2009 we uncovered the polymyositis. I have been on prednisone since September 2008, and methotrexate (chemotherapy) and azathioprine (immune-suppressive) since August 2009. I began needing to use an electric wheelchair in September 2009 to get around my house.

I also have Raynaud’s syndrome.

I began using OrGano Gold products in February 2010. After two cups of the gourmet latte, I had improvements in the skin on my cheeks. My mood improved as well, and since then, I have gone into remission on all four autoimmune disorders. I am starting to rebuild my strength, my joints don’t hurt as much, and on the whole I’m just in a better mood. My Raynaud’s attacks have also decreased in frequency and severity.

I take the OrGano Gold Spore Powder, Mycelium and Ganoderma pills every day, and I also drink at least one beverage a day. I love these products and will probably take them for the rest of my life.

Oh! And I’m down to 4 mg/day on my prednisone instead of 60! Yay!

– Sarah R, CO